【Must Read丨2020 Digital Trends Report 】 4 Latest Marketing Trends & Exclusive “iMedia Insider” Data Analysis

Date : 18 Feb 2020

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2020 is definitely a year of challenges. Want to make your business stand out and grab every business opportunities with limited budget?

Digital marketing, a data-driven solution with large flexibility, must be your first choice! The Hong Kong digital ad spend in 2020 is even expected to increase by 12.3% continuously.

To help you outperform your competitors, we have prepared the “2020 Digital Trends Report” – providing you with 4 must-read digital marketing trends for 2020, “iMedia Insider” exclusive data analysis and successful case sharing, etc. Assisting you to reach your business goals and maximize cost-efficiency by precisely utilizing your limited budget.

4 Must-read Digital Marketing Trends for 2020:

1. Evolution of Search Marketing – AI & Voice Search
2. Social Media Marketing & Chatbot


Want to know more? CLICK HERE to download the full report.