Must-known: 2018 online advertising trend

The start of a new year is a good time for marketers to plan for marketing programs in this year that can help your brand differentiating from the competitors.

Native advertising matches the style and format of the site, blending seamlessly into the content. Native advertising is not just reduce the reader’s rejection of advertising, but also attract readers to read the content by providing soft-selling approach. No matter Yahoo native ad, Facebook sponsored ad or Instagram stories ad etc., these are the form of native advertising.

More interestingly, according to the research data, the click through rate of native ad outperforms traditional display ad, and its engagement rate is even 25% higher than traditional display ad. Moreover, according to the statistics from IPG & Sharethrough, native ad helps e-commerce platform to increase audience’s buying desire by 52%, which is 34% more when compared with display ad.

Furthermore, eMarketer conducted a study and forecasted that the native advertising expenditure will be increased by 36.2% in America in 2016-2018, which occupy 52.9% of total expenditure of display ad.

Native advertising allows brands to use the most life-like approach to connect with customers, and using advertising content to enhance the value of your brand. The advantage of native ad should not be neglected, act now to grasp the business opportunities in coming holidays by adopting native advertising into your promotional plan.