A Quick Bite of 2021’s 5 Hottest Ad Platforms & Solutions Wrap

Hello 2022! Before going for the New Year marketing plan, why don’t we first recall the major updates of 5 popular ad platforms & ad solutions of 2021? Here is the noteworthy wrap –

Key Ad Platforms
  • Google

Since it’s only one more year heading to the Cookieless world, we are speeding up our steps to get ready for the big change. The implementation of Global Site Tag, including Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manger, is highly recommended for collecting first-party data.

The brand new product of Google ‘Performance Max’ was launched in Q4, this product shall change marketers from being campaign-based to goal-based. Performance Max is worthy to try as it can better predict and cater customer needs.

Read our previous blog to get to know more about Performance Max: https://www.newimedia.com/en/google-performance-max/.

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  • Facebook/ Instagram

In October 2021, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg announced that the parent company of Facebook and Instagram officially rebrands as ‘Meta’, aims at heading to the new ecosystem of the virtual world with immersive experience. Notably, there is no change in platform or app name.

  • Yahoo

Yahoo is always working on advanced targeting and functions to help marketers bring out more creative advertising. Marketers have been encouraged to implement advanced targeting with the function Predictive Audience. Predictive audience functions through machine learning, automatically generates predictive audience via the characteristics of your current audiences. This function is set up through pixel installation and conversion goal setting. After all, your ads can be delivered precisely without add-on budget.

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  • LinkedIn

Despite LinkedIn didn’t continuously roll out new functions, LinkedIn was being impressive to marketers in 2021 with its unique user base and objective setting. Along with the development of the platform, LinkedIn is able to provide accurate academic and work background targeting, meanwhile fulfilling full-funnel objectives such as brand, traffic, conversion/ conversation & leads. If you are running a B2B business or aim to approach professionals, you are encouraged to pay attention on LinkedIn.

Key Ad Solutions
  • Programmatic Ads

Just like what we have mentioned for several times, programmatic ads now is one of the hottest picks of marketers and its ad spend shall constantly increase. To cope with the coming cookieless world and minimize its influence, DSPs such as Google, DV360, Verizon DSP & Teads keep on upgrading their backends and AI to better predict user behaviors. Meanwhile, in order to help your ad stand out from other competitors, the exclusive targeting function and ad format of programmatic ads are always being updating. Related readings to learn more:

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Ad Platform/ Solution
Major Issue
• Suggested to use GTAG such as GA4 & GTM to collect 1st party data
• Launched ‘Performance Max’ at Q4
Facebook/ Instagram
• Rebranded as ‘Meta’
• Unique functions & targeting setting like predictive targeting
• Provide accurate academic and work background targeting
Programmatic Ads
• With exclusive advantages (e.g. Better AI function, targeting & creative ad format)

The digital marketing world keeps changing every day, that’s why we have to be well-prepared all the time but not only limited to the start of the year. Contact our professional team whenever you want, let us keep you update on the constant changes and adapt all the challenges.