New iMedia 2021 Digital Marketing Trends Report

In relation to the effects of the pandemic, people are adjusting to New Normal. Meanwhile, how should we grasp this trend to promote your business?

In order to help you get well-prepared for 2021 and more understanding into the field of Digital Marketing, we have prepared a simple yet organized 2021 Digital Marketing Trends Report with infographics to assist your marketing plans & reach your business goals.

Areas that covered in this report: 

  1. New Normal  
  2. Search Marketing 
  3. Social Content 
  4. Digital Ads 
  5. E-commerce
  6. Other Trends You May Miss 
  7. Hong Kong Statistics Fact Sheet

No worries, there is still some time before 2021. You may take this opportunity to equip yourself with the latest digital marketing trends by self-learning while seizing every business opportunity!