HK2A Advertising Spending Projection 2022

Although we are encountering an uncertain circumstances due to the pandemic, as a trustworthy digital marketing agency, we will keep improving and keep pace with the market trend to explore all possible business opportunities for our clients. Thus, this year is our 9th year sponsoring the ad spend projection co-organized by The Hong Kong Advertisers Association (HK2A) and Nielsen.

The report is very juicy with lots of data and insights. To saving your time, we consolidated the noteworthy points for you, content including:

  1. 2022 Advertising Spending Projection – Seeing the big picture of digital market
  2. Hottest Campaign Goal & Tactics – Inspiring you on selecting campaign objectives 
  3. Tips to Moving Forward – 2 Thinks you should consider before planning for next campaign

To provide better digital marketing service, we always strive to keep up with market trends, including search, programmatic, machine learning, big data and etc. Want to get the full insights from HK2A Advertising Spending Projection? Contact us for free consultation now, let us tailor the most effective campaign based on the valuable market trends and insights for you!

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