What Happened in 2022? Quick Warp of the Update about Hottest Ad Platforms

2022 is coming to an end. Before going to next year, let’s take 10 minutes to review the 2 major ad platforms’ updates for better preparing 2023 marketing plan. 


  • Smart Shopping and Local campaigns have upgraded to Performance Max – To cater omnichannel customers, Google launched Performance Max campaign earlier. Started from 2022 Q4, most of the smart shopping and local campaigns have be upgraded to Performance Max Campaign. With this update, smart shopping and local campaign are no longer available to create. (Read more: What is Performance Max Campaign?)
  • Expanded Text Ad (ETA) is Gone and Replaced by Responsive Search Ad (RSA) – More smart and responsive ad formats have been launched in Google Ads platform to enhance precision, RSA is one of the smart formats that proved a success. RSA now is the only search ad type that can be created or edited in standard search campaign, effective from June 30, 2022.
  • Newly Launched Google Multisearch – To enhance search precision, Google launched multisearch features in U.S. (beta), which combine existing text and image search functions for higher precision. According to Google, this feature can provide the best results for shopping searches. Let’s look forwards to the official launch in Hong Kong.
  • Sunset of Universal Analytics (GA) – According to the official announcement on Oct 27, 2022,  GA will be going away and replaced by Google Analytics 4 (GA 4) on Jul 1, 2023. After Jul 1, 2023, we can still access the previous data (at least 6 months) in GA, but the new hits is no longer being collected. If you are using GA for tracking, please remember for the migration. (Read more: Differences between GA and GA)

Have trouble on the GA4 migration? We providing GA4 consultancy services from basic tracking set up to deep dive setting (e.g. custom dashboard, visitor loyalty reporting and eCommerce tracking), contact us for details.

Meta (Facebook/Instagram)

  • Newly Launched Short & Vertical Video Formats “Reels” – To cater mobile experiences and nowadays users’ behavior, Meta officially launched “Facebook Reels” and “Instagram Reels” in Hong Kong in Feb, 2022, it soon became a popular format.

The digital marketing world keeps changing every day, that’s why we have to be well-prepared all the time but not only limited to the start of the year. Contact our professional team whenever you want, let us keep you update on the constant changes and adapt all the challenges.