New iMedia 2022 Digital Marketing Trends Report

Due to the implementation of a series of vaccines and the new practice of dealing with the virus, the economy of the market seems recovering. We can tell 2021 is a turning point to the world.

In order to help you prepare for your 2022 digital marketing plan in advance, we have prepared a readable 2022 Digital Marketing Trends Report that only takes you few minutes to go through. With this readable piece, you may have a clear idea on your 2022 marketing plan and how can it be reachable to your business goals.


Content covers:

  1. The Big Picture of 2021 in Hong Kong
  2. Hottest 4 Market Trends of 2022
    • Searching Marketing (SEM + SEO)
    • Programmatic Ads
    • Innovative Creative
    • Great Bay Area Marketing
  3. Things Worthy To Know


There is still one more month to the new year, let’s be well-prepared for the coming year and all the challenges coming ahead. You may also follow us on various social platforms to catch up with the latest trend of the market in 2022!

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