New iMedia: 2023 Digital Marketing Trends Report

Digital marketing is playing a big role in our marketing mix and a lot of advertisers have adopted digital ads and e-commerce before or during the pandemic.

Data tell us the effectiveness of it – digital ad spending is projected to increase with 9% YoY growth while more brands adopt e-commerce (from 44% to 61%) in 2022!

Before planning for next year’s digital strategy, or expanding your digital marketing mix, we are highly recommended you to read through our “2023 Hong Kong Digital Marketing Trends Report”. This report covered: 

  • 2022 Hong Kong Market Overview
  • 4 Major Digital Trends To Drive Sales 
    • E-commerce
    • Search Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Creative & Content
  • Other Things Worth To Knowing (e.g. social commerce & up-trending App)

2023 is approaching, let’s plan for next year with data-driven strategy to assist you in better achieving business goals! 

Get The Report.