Make good use of your 6 seconds YouTube Video Ad

Last time we shared 3 features of YouTube Bumper Ad, which help to grab the attention from users and boost up sales. This time we quote from Ben Jones, the Global Creative Director at Google, for sharing the best practices of building impactful YouTube bumper ads.

Many advertisers treat 30-second video ad as the standard format. How can we make use of 6-second to tell a story?

1. Focus on a single message

30-second video ad is available for telling a little story, some product info, maybe an offer, a tagline, and branding. 6-second Bumper Ad is rather than trying to do one thing well. Delivering a quick and focused message is absolutely important.

2. Budget time to establish the 6-second ad

Many of the most effective bumper ads began with a striking visual that immediately clue viewers to step into your brand’s space for a few moments. Moreover, try to leave viewers with a clearly expressed final thought or call to action for enough time to sink in. Two seconds is a good length to aim for.

3. Don’t be limited from your 30-second video ad production

If try to fit the 30-second video into 6-second, it is too hard for just cutting down. The shot length, story line, and other elements may not translate well. Take a clear-eyed inventory of your full-length story, and retain only the aspects that will serve powerful and memorable moments.

4. Build ads in “series”, rather than “singles”

Depend on the scenarios to consider producing a set of 3 to 5 Bumper ads instead of a single ad. Once the frame is set, viewers will respond well to series of ads and they know what to expect.