How to Plan for your Ad Spend in 2019?

At the start of the year, are you feeling agonizing over planning your ad spending for the New Year? Digital advertising would definitely be a must! A growing trend of digital ad is forecasted in this year with the backup of the ever-progressing technologies, the popularity of mobile usage and the prevalence of e-commerce.

As specified by Nielsen, Hong Kongers are spending over 4.7 hours per day online. And according to the recent research conducted by KPMG and GS1 Hong Kong, it has revealed that half of the consumers (56%) in China and 18% of consumers in Hong Kong expect their online spending will overtake their offline spending in 2019. All these trends are making digital advertising more and more essential. Therefore, it is not a surprise to know that digital ad spend will continue to grow in 2019 – its Hong Kong’s ad spend is estimated to increase by 21% while its global ad spend is predicted to increase by 15.8% to 47% of the total ad spend, reaching $316.42 billion US dollars, and it is even estimated to overtake traditional mediums by 2021. Hence, it is definitely a wise choice for you to allocate more spending on digital marketing.

Digital Ad Spending Worldwide 2017-2022
Hong Kong Digital Ad Spend Forecast in 2019

So, what types of digital marketing channel in particular should you invest in? Let’s take a closer look at the estimated Hong Kong market in 2019. Among the major digital channels, banner advertising (43.5%) is predicted to be the most favorable with US$521m ad spending. Video advertising (24.8%) comes second with US$297m ad spending, followed by Search advertising (14.0%), social media advertising (13.5%) and classifieds segment (4.2%).

Knowing the trend of the market is certainly an advantage, however, it is always vital to tailor-make your marketing plan that aligns with your business goals and vision. The professional crews of New iMedia are here to help you designing creative and integrated digital marketing strategies that effectively cater your specific needs. Please contact us now for a fruitful year!