How iOS 14.5 Privacy Update Changes Digital Platforms

iOS 14 will launch the “App Tracking Transparency” which requires App to obtain the user’s consent before tracking user behavior and data through third-party programs or websites.

We believe that this update will affect advertisers or agencies, iPhone users and ad platforms:

Advertisers/ Agencies:
  • Limitation on collection of conversion data and cookies based remarketing targeting
  • More rely on first party data in the future

iPhone Users:
  • More convenience way to opt-out passing privacy data
  • The number of ad users receive may not decrease
  • Reduce the relevance of ad to users (personalized ad)

Ad Platforms:
  • Any app that collects data from iOS14 users will be subject to tracking restrictions
  • Ad performance tracking is affected

And how should we respond? Let’s find out in below!

We will also pay close attention to the latest update, and use the latest digital advertising knowledge and strategies to provide customers with better digital marketing solutions.