The “Best Use of Native Ad Format – Outstanding” Award

It is the 6th consecutive year for New iMedia to garner the heavyweight award from “Big Idea Chair Awards” organizes by Verizon Media (With brand like Yahoo! – The 2nd most popular search engine in Hong Kong) ! Winning the award –“Best use of Native Ad format – Outstanding” again has fully recognized the capability and product knowledge of our professional ad specialist teams.

The Big Idea Chair Awards is one of the signature awards in Asia. “Best Use of Native Ad Format” recognizes the best campaign that have successfully assisted clients to achieve business objectives with smart use of Native Ad formats/ features, such as Carousal, Dynamic Product Ad and Countdown Ad, etc while integrating with Yahoo’s page content creatively.

From this time forth, our team will keep striving to provide our clients with the ever-progressing, precise and all-round one-stop digital marketing solutions, evolving in our growth journey together!

Want to promote your products via digital platform efficiently? Talk to our Chatbot immediately for your best suited advertising strategy – all tailor for you by our professional team, help you to develop new business opportunities in Yahoo! and other popular online platform!