Blue Girl Beer

Blue Girl Beer

Blue Girl Beer is a beer brand originated in Germany since the 19th century. Acquired by the Jebsen & Co. Ltd in 1906, Blue Girl Beer is now the greatest leading brand in HK. 

「Club BG」 Launch & Giveaway Campaign 2021 is to promote the new membership program of Blur Girl – Club BG. The outstanding performance has been recognized by a significant marketing award – MARKies Awards 2022. 

Campaign Objectives

  • Trigger new member registration
  • Create awareness for the brand-new official website & “Club BG”
  • Re-engage previous website visitors


  • Successfully tackle ad restriction policy
  • Overachieve KPIs of Member Registration & target Cost-per-action (CPA)


Conversion Rate vs Market Benchmark


CPA than target KPI

…We really appreciate New iMedia providing responsive service and professional advices on SEM strategies. With this effective campaign, the number of impression of our website and the number of new member registration on Club BG successfully rose.


1. Tailored Keywords & Content Strategy

  • Tailored copies to create urgency of need in different scenarios, e.g.
    • Mirror / ViuTv Fans
    • Festive Celebrators
    • Football Match Lovers

2. Data-driven optimization

  • Enhance cost-efficiency & customer engagement
    • Irrelevant search term exclusion by iMedia professional team & in-house knowledge base
    • Keywords optimization according to the market trends & hottest search queries

3. Remarketing & Personalization Strategy

  • Deeper website tracking for data analysis & remarketing campaign
    • Non-members: Re-engage website visitors to complete registration
    • Members: Utilize Member Referral Program for word-of-mouth effect

4. Uplift Campaign performance via cross platform advertising

  • Reach audiences at different stage of the funnel to capture every micro-moments across Google Search Ads & Yahoo Stream Ads

Google Search Ad

Yahoo Stream Ad