Chinese New Year Promotion – YouTube Bumper Ad

Google reveals that YouTube ultimately influenced 91% of Hong Kongers throughout their purchase journeys. Over 50% of them went to YouTube to search for product information, product guideline and product review1. “Snackable video” can draw audiences’ attention to deliver the promotional message in a compact and simplest way when they search for specific information on purpose from YouTube.

YouTube, as the world’s biggest video platform, has over 1.5 billion2 monthly users. How can you attract these zillion users? Consider YouTube Bumper Ad as one of the strategy and make use of its 3 characteristics to grab the attention from users and boost up your sales.

3 Characteristics of Bumper Ad

1. Deliver Your Key Message in a 6-sec Video – To grab the moment of audiences’ attention, delivering the key message in the simplest way.

2. Non-skippable Ad is a Cost Effective Ad Format – An non-skippable pre-roll format ad ensures your promotional message delivered to audience and increase the cost-effectiveness relatively.

3. Arouse Brand Awareness by Snackable Video – A survey claimed that 90% of audiences recall the Bumper Ad, leading brand awareness increased 61%. Moreover, 9 out of 10 campaigns drove a significant lift in ad recall3.



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