Calbee Logo

Since 1976, Calbee Four Seas Company Limited (“Calbee”) has been exploring the snack market development in Hong Kong. With the broadcasting of a series of TV commercials and promotion activities, Calbee successfully become a favorite brand in snack food industry. 

As a leader in the Hong Kong snack food market, Calbee’s vision is to ensure Calbee to be one of the most important ‘necessities’ and to be fully involved in daily life.

Objective & Execution

To establish the most popular trend of snack food, Calbee keeps developing new products from time to time. Meanwhile, a full range of promotion strategy, especially online advertising, is a necessary step to bring them all to consumers. For one of the hottest promotion campaign “速遞男神上門找數篇”, YouTube In-steam Ad and Facebook – post engagement Ad (in video format) were adopted to promote the brand of Jagabee.

New iMedia analyzed the target group and suggested to choose Female group as main target. Also, New iMedia proposed the best budget planning to optimize the no. of video views and the page engagement of the Facebook Fan Page, e.g. like and share.


  • Over 2,000 reactions, 100 comments and 250 shares accumulated in Facebook
  • Facebook Fans ⬆170%
  • View through rate of the video in YouTube achieved 35% which outperformed client’s expectation