iMedia Insights丨YouTube Funnel – The Best Ad Format Strategy

Video ad market is on trend now, are you ready to invest in video marketing? Beside creative production and precise strategies, you need to launch different types and placements of video ads riding on your business goals to gain higher returns. Leverage video content together with multiple YouTube ad formats, such as Video Discovery Ads […]

iMedia Insights| How to Use Videos to Transform Audiences into Customers?

Although the epidemic has begun to abate, the “New Normal” has been developed in the market. Therefore, the consumption pattern and advertising market have rapidly transformed – Video has been one of the major channels for promotion: 💡Statistic has shown that YouTube traffic ⬆26% in April 2020. However, the pace of life is so rapid […]

New iMedia X Hong Kong Business Interview | Strategically Creating Effective Mobile Ads


Nowadays, more and more people tend to search and shop with ‘Mobile First’. As Google stated, over 80% of consumers shop with smartphones nowadays, so you can imagine how Mobile Ads is getting more important for the enterprises and advertising advertisers. Previously, Sandy Ho, the CEO of New iMedia was interviewed by Hong Kong Business1 to discuss […]

iMedia Insights |How to use videos to retain your customers?


With the epidemic together with the convenience of technology, we believe everyone has more StayHome activities in recent months. However, no matter whether it is about fitness, DIY or cooking, they are all related to the “new normal” of watching video while learning! {Statistics show that YouTube traffic increased 26% in April 2020, while watching […]