“Click To WhatsApp” Shorten the distance with audiences

Having announced the number of daily active users reached over one billion, WhatsApp becomes the most popular social media communication tool in the world. In response to the market, Yahoo Stream Ad adds “Click To WhatsApp” function to optimize the Ad performance. In addition, “Call to Action” button is also added for Email, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Line Messenger, Phone, WhatsApp and YouTube.

Target audiences will be guided to the mobile advertising landing page when they click on the Stream Ad. By clicking on the “WhatsApp” or “Call to Action” button in the landing page, the audiences can start chatting with the advertisers immediately without saving the phone number. Hence, target audiences from all over the world are able to contact the advertisers more directly via different communication tools or social media apps, and further facilitating sales opportunity.

Native Ad - Click to WhatsApp