Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Logo

Columbia is a well-known global sportswear brand with >20 branches in Hong Kong as well as online shop, catering active consumers of all ages.

Campaign Objectives

  • Maintain brand presence online
  • Boost online shop traffic & sales


  • Click-through Rate (CTR)⬆147%
  • Website Traffic⬆28%
  • Online Purchase⬆26%


  • Strategic Planning & Targeting
    • Leveraged 6 pull + push ad solutions with strategic launch period (Always-on vs. Time-limited)
    • Used 1st & 3rd parties data for precise targeting & retarget all website visitors
    • Launched various types of creative Title & Description (T&D) for Search Engine Marketing to cater different audiences. e.g. E-shop promotion, product features, etc.
  • Precise Optimization for Better Use of Budget
    • In-house Negative Keyword Automation → >980 less effective keywords are excluded
    • On-going optimization by integrating website analytics & data
    • Self-built iMedia Platform to view ad performance anytime & anywhere → Transparency for timely optimization
  • Design & Production
    • Provide graphic design service & create time-limited offers to
      target audience by GDN, Facebook, YouTube & WeChat Ad