3 Ways to boost your “content marketing”

With the rapid development of social media, “content marketing” is an integral part of digital marketing, marketers would also like to reach more target audiences by using innovative content. So, how to boost the effectiveness of content marketing?

1.Use Video to enhance the attractiveness

Video is definitely an essential element of content marketing. According to the study from Animoto, a video production platform, customers choosing to read the brand information in video format are 4 times higher than text format. In other words, video is much easier to attract attention compare with text format. However, few things must be noted for video production:

  • The video with high quality images, sound and stability can greatly enhance the attractiveness of the content.
  • Adding animations to videos make the content richer and more unique, which can increase audience’s intention to share with friends.
  • To cater the needs of customers in various platforms by producing different length of video. For example, short video to be used in Facebook or Twitter

2. Enhance infectious by using Gifs

GIF is a right choice for promoting your content on both social media and via email marketing, because it can impress your audience by highlighting the main content. Compared with videos, making Gifs is easier and faster, and its attractiveness is similar to video.

3. Make use of remarketing

Target customers leave in different stages during the customer journey, as customers might forget your brand during purchase consideration, or even cannot find your site again. Thus, advertisers should make use of remarketing during the stage of brand research, displaying the coherent advertising content to potential customers in order to boost their intention to make purchase.