Marketer Must Read: The Ranking of “Content Marketing”

Knowing your customer is the key to successful content marketing. A May 2018 survey found that there are discrepancy between marketers’ expectation and consumers’ preference on content. 58% marketers tend to use story telling approach in content marketing to attract consumers, but only 37% consumers are interested to this type of content. Surprisingly, 72% consumers want to see the content about discounts and deals, whereas only 18% marketers think consumers want this kind of content. Furthermore, 43% internet users think discount offers are important for purchase decision making.

This survey reveals that most of the marketers aren’t prioritizing the types of content that consumers want. Obviously, understanding your customers is essential for successful content marketing. What kind of content does internet users like most? We have prioritized the content according to the survey result for your reference.

To effectively reach the target audience and enhance customers’ stickeness, the best way is to understand their needs by analyzing the behaviors of your customer group. If you want to know more about your customer group or industry, please contact us!


Source: eMarketers