How to use videos to retain your customers?

With the epidemic together with the convenience of technology, we believe everyone has more StayHome activities in recent months. However, no matter whether it is about fitness, DIY or cooking, they are all related to the “new normal” of watching video while learning!

{Statistics show that YouTube traffic increased 26% in April 2020, while watching YouTube on TV screens increased 40%.}

Although the epidemic has begun to slow down, it is believed that watching video has become everyone’s “new normal”! Video marketing is so important and will keep up-rising, if you are interested in marketing/as a marketer, do you know how to use your video to retain your customers?

Here comes the 4 strategies to make your video looks C-O-O-L  & attractive!

C.O.O.L Strategy

(C)reate: First, we shall start by setting up the social media platform channel or video production, for example:

  • Create your YouTube Channel, IG TV, Facebook Fanpage, etc.
  • Since the best practice varies for different channels (e.g. landscape video is more suitable for YouTube while vertical video is more suitable for Facebook/IG), it is recommended to produce the video with both landscape and vertical versions for different channels!

(O)rganize: Apart from video content, other details of the video are so vital for driving video views, includes:

  • Thumbnail - Not only using decent photos for thumbnail, adding video keywords (e.g. “Must-buy in Tokyo”) to the photo can make the video content more clear to the audiences)
  • Video Title - Use popular words such as “xx at a glance”/ “1 minute to learn xx”, etc., and place the words in a more upfront position to attract audiences to click the video
  • Video Descriptions - Besides describing the video content, we should also add relevant hashtags in the description section (e.g. “#Digital Marketing”), so that YouTube’ s algorithms can know more about your video clearly and promote your videos precisely to the audiences who search for related topics

♦  (O)ptimize: To maximize the effect of promotion, optimization is a must, such as:

  • Mobile-friendly - Nowadays, as most people browse & search via mobile phone, it is highly recommended to put mobile as your first priority
    → e.g. As mobile screen is smaller in size, you may need to ensure the words in the video are readable and use more close-up shots for video shooting.
  • Framing in center - It is suggested to place the most important information in the center of the video, as the default format of the pop-up windows may block the edge or corner of the video
  • Call-to-action(CTA) - Add CTA button and add eye-catching words/images to attract audiences to click

    → e.g. Add the CTA button into the ad / add “Swipe up” wordings or stickers in IG Stories, driving audiences to swipe up to landing page or fill in the form

♦  (L)ink: Google pointed out that 80% of people will switch between online search and video to do research for their upcoming purchase. Therefore, it is a best practice to promote through various social media and ad platforms, such as:

  • One-stop advertising and video ad on platform: YouTube, Search Ad, GDN, Facebook and IG

{Google also pointed out that when advertisers place videos and search ads at the same time, search volume by 8%, search conversion rate increased by 3%, and cost per acquisition (CPA) decreased by 4%}

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