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Recently, people refrain from going out with the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, resulting in the drop of traditional media ad spend. However, digital ad spend has been rising for its data-oriented, cost-effectiveness and flexibility, which helps business gain sales effectively while saving cost and reaching target audiences precisely.

2019 Media Share of Ad Spending​

Ad Spend (in Million HKD):$97,076.41

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Admango shows that the digital ad spend in 2019 have increment even the market was adversely affected by social factors. Compare with 2018, 2019 digital ad spend in HK keep recorded a uptrend with 4.4% incrument.

Under the Coronavirus, pace of digital transformation is sharp, lots of business move their forces to online platforms. Therefore, we believed that digital ad is continually important – Statista estimated that the digital ad spend in Hong Kong might have increment of 12.3% – reaching HK$10 billion this year. Besides, according to the latest report from Admango, mobile ad is the only media with double digit YOY gowth (+15%) in Q1, 2020.

To help you stay ahead of the challenge in 2020, we have retrieved the exclusive ad performances data from iMedia Insider and analyzed 5 selected industries in Hong Kong so as to provide suggestions for precise online advertising, helping you to fight the Coronavirus hand in hand!

iMedia Insider: Exclusive Data Analysis and Suggestions – Search Engine Advices

E-shop is growing rapidly, we believed that most of you agreed that digital ad can effectively bring e-shop traffic. Therefore, we leveraged the data from our exclusive Keyword Knowledge Base* to bring you some search engine marketing strategies.

*Keywords Knowledge Base, a massive self-built database established by New iMedia, aggregating more than 200K keywords and 5 billion ad exposure data from over 40 industries in last 6 years, aiming to provide dedicated analysis and insight.

2019 Search Ad Performances in HK


From the graphic above, we found that the CTR and CPC of Retail industry perform the best; and Beauty & Health industry recorded lower CTR with 3X CPC compared with Retail industry.

  • For Retail industry, advertisers normally have better brand awareness and they usually added their brand name into search keyword so as to grab attention, resulting in higher CTR
  • For Beauty & Health industry, brand usually use “services / solutions terms” as their search keyword, such as “「Laser」、「Eye Shadow」, instead of their brand name. Those competitive keywords keywords leading to lower CTR and higher CPC


→Businesses with higher brand awareness can insert their brand name into search keyword to grab audiences’ attention, so as to bring lower cost for cost saving
→For those with lower brand awareness, please try to add some tailored content and products/ services features to enrich your Title and Description (T&D), such as “made by natural materials”, etc.

5 Selected Industries Ad Analysis & Suggestions to Fight COVID-19

Other than implement search engine marketing, it would be even more effective to leverage other digital solutions to do more with less! Herewith the exclusive analysis and ad launch strategy under COVID-19 for 5 selected industries,helping you create an excellent “Cross-channel advertising strategy” and fight the Coronavirus.

Beauty & Health - 2019 Ad Spend Media Mix

Ad Spend (in Million HKD): $17,396.29

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Recently, digital transformation occurs in Beauty & Health industry – proving one-stop consultation and reservation services via mobile app or Chatbot to enhance consumer experiences.

Hence, mobile ad spend increased to HK$2.4 billion (+3%) in 2019 while all traditional ad spend decreased.


  • Enhance mobile browsing experiences and online CS services with digital ad, such as Lead Ad, Messenger ad and link to Chatbot for instant response, so as to grab the best timing of purchase / reservation and promote the online communication channel to improve conversion rate

  • Since people prefer staying home for COVID-19, video view of YouTube has been increased – official data pointed that the search volume of sports-related video (such as yoga tutorial) recorded 230% growth. Therefore, suggested to launch more Video Ad.
    Health industry might launch Video Ad about “exercise tutorial” or “health tips for Coronavirus” to enhance brand awareness and image

  • Beauty industry can film their anti-epidemic measurement to strengthen customer confidence and drive sales under the Coronavirus

Finance & Investment - 2019 Ad Spend Media Mix

Ad Spend (in Million HKD): $13,504.63

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Banking service is being more digitalized & continually focus on online – spring up of e-payment and e-banking lead to an increase in mobile, ad spend+18% (↑HK$430 million)


  • Because of COVID-19, usage of online banking increased while people staying home more often – insiders estimated that the e-transaction has increased by 30%-50% recently. Therefore, advertisers can launch more Mobile App Install Ads so as to catch the best timing for boosting app download

Pharmaceuticals​ - 2019 Ad Spend Media Mix

Ad Spend (in Million HKD): $9,779.17

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As Pharmaceuticals industry mainly focuses on middle-age & elderly, ad spend in digital media (12%) is less than other traditional media.

However, with the increasing trends of e-commerce and health-consciousness of younger customers, business is moving to e-shop and starting to spend more on online advertising:

Digital Ad Spend+55.9%(↑HK$410 million)


  • Stand out with digital ad and add youngsters as target audiences to tap into the new market

  • Besides, advertisers can blast positive message via Social Media Ad under Coronavirus – such as video and image ad with the theme of “health tips” to enhance brand image and promote product by soft selling

Fashion - 2019 Ad Spend Media Mix

Ad Spend (in Million HKD): $3,853.52

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Fashion industry recorded huge decline decline in traditional ad spend due to the economic downturn and social issue last year – Radio ad spend even dropped by 70%

However, digital ad gained 31% media share (HK$1.1 billion) thanks to the rising trend of online shopping.


  • Due to COVID-19, the traffic of e-shop and social media platforms keep increasing while brick-and-mortar store traffic declined. Hence, advertisers can land the social media ad to e-shop, or make use of social media as e-shop catalog to attract instant purchase and extend the client base by encouraging customers to share the e-shop/ products on social media

  • Launch eye-catching ad format, such as Shopping ad or Display ad, to present the product appearances and uniqueness. Also, ones may further enhance purchase intention of potential customers by Remarketing

Automobile - 2019 Ad Spend Media Mix

Ad Spend (in Million HKD): $1,705.68

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Automobile industry is also under digitalization, some brands are even providing car key function in their app.

As a result, digital ad recorded 34% (HK$690 million) top media share in ad spend in 2019. Besides, advertisers tend to promote using mobile ad instead of desktop ad – mobile ad spend recorded HK$95 million (28%) increment in 2019:

Desktop Ad Spend-28% → Mobile Ad Spend+28%


  • Focus on Mobile ad to reach target audiences precisely, so as to drive app download directly

  • Even people stay home more often now, car fans are always craving for their dream car. Hence, we suggest advertisers to launch creative ad, such as video ad, social media live stream, or VR to “drive with clients” virtually to showcase the amazing look and features of the cars, so as to enhance emotional bonding by satisfying clients’ desire

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