How to make “Native Ad” more creative?

Following to the enhancement and innovation of the Yahoo!, their average monthly visitor has reached 500 million, causing more advertisers are attracted to advertise in Yahoo!. Without creativity, how can you stand out your brand in the market? Yahoo! recently launches “Native Carousel Ad” which allows advertisers to combine multi images in the Ad. This new feature makes the Ad to be more eye-catching and thus generate clicks. Let us share some creative ideas for your inspiration on making a Carousel Ad.

Native Ad Carousel

1. Use Carousel Ad to tell a story
Tell a visual story by grouping up a series of images. It makes the Ad more lively and fascinating.

2. Use Carousel Ad to highlight the features and advantages of Product or Service
Make use of the Carousel Ad to impress your audience by highlighting the key messages of your product or service. Besides, Carousel Ad can also provide more information than a single image. It helps to attract audience to visit your website.

3. Explain “How-to-do” process
You can use multi images to explain how your service and product works. This instantly solves the queries from customers and increases their intention of purchase.

4. Stunning 360 panoramic images
Carousel Ad will suit you well if single image cannot fully show your message. You could combine the images for swiping a view of 360 panoramic. It is especially suitable companies for promoting places and landscapes, such as travel agency and hotel.