Key For Success: Data Transparency

With the explosion of digital technologies, data is much more important than before, especially for those companies focusing on online business. In New iMedia, we collect data and transform it into actionable insights for inspiration and precise targeting.

For clients, accurate and transparent data can assist them in decision making; For our teammates, data-generating next campaign idea and helping with campaign optimization

In order to provide highly transparent data and assist with timely optimiZation, we built iMedia Platform – a digital campaign performance and insight platform exclusively designed for New iMedia clients and teams, allowing them to access the performance and insight of the digital campaign anytime and anywhere. Numerous dedicated data and features are available on the platform, let me introduce the iMedia platform first.

API Integration

Integrates with API^ (Application Programming Interface) including Google, Yahoo!/Bing and Meta

Cross-Platform Data

Gathers Google & Yahoo Search Ad, Google Display Ad, YouTube Ad and Facebook Ad Data

Dedicated Metrics

Provides Ad Metrics include Conversion Rate, CPC and CTR, etc. with visualized chart/table

Accuracy & Precision

Shows ad data as of the previous day and accurate to two decimal places for all data

Demo of iMedia Platform

With the exclusive iMedia Platform, our clients are not only able to review ad performance easier, but also ensure data transparency, as one of our core values – Trusted Partner, all client’s data are highly transparent to them and not hidden. That’s why our clients trusted New iMedia.

If you are not activating your iMedia Platform account yet, we are highly recommended you to activate it now, so as to extract actionable insights from well-orderedly data. Contact your account manager to show you the details! 

^What is API? Which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. Each time you use an app like Facebook, send an instant message or check the weather on your phone, you’re using an API.