Digital Newbies: Free Learning Sources You Should Know

The Digital market changing rapidly, whether you are a student aiming to develop a digital career, a first-time marketer, a small business owner, or an experienced entrepreneur, continuous learning is important.

There are plenty of resources online to teach us about digital marketing, where we should start from? In this article, we listed some online courses for digital newbies collected from our teams, all of them are free!  

1. Google Digital Garage offered by Google 

This online digital marketing learning platform covers all aspects of digital marketing with 150+ free online courses. “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” is one of our recommended courses accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University, including 26 modules to assist beginners in exploring digital opportunities and basic ad knowledge. 

After completing the course, you can earn an industry-recognized certification from Google, so as to show your ability on understanding the core concepts of digital marketing.

Google Digital Garage

2. Google Skillshop offered by Google 

Once you learned the basic knowledge in digital marketing, you may want to learn more about digital ads – Google is one of the most popular ad platforms, you can develop Google product knowledge through Google skillshop.

There are 8 categories that cover Google Ads and other Google product aspects like Google My Business, Google Marketing Platform, and etc. As a beginner, we suggested you to walk-though the most popular modules in Google Ads first: Google Ads Search and Google Ads Display

3. Facebook Blueprint offered by Meta

For every business, communication is needed for maintaining customer loyalty, most of the businesses own a Facebook page for this purpose. That’s why Meta product knowledge is important. Blueprint is a free learning platform for Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp advertising skills development.

To start your social journey, suggested to understand the social media landscape and how to plan social content from “Prepare to bring your business online“. Want some advanced tactics and get a certificate? You may also consider to take the course “Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate” for building job-ready skills in Coursera. 

There are still many online courses that are worth attending, however, we should always Learning From Practice. Don’t waste your talents, we are now looking for digital talents to join our family. Whether you are a digital newbie or an experienced expert, we offer a wide range of opportunities and training with our partners – Google, Meta, Yahoo and many others, assisting you to train up as industry-savvy. Click here to join us now!

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