Union Medical Healthcare (DR REBORN)


DR REBORN is the largest medical beauty group in HK, served 2M customers with premier and professional facial & body treatment, i.e. BOTOX, Pico, slimming course and etc.

TWINS is 80s & 90s memory. Gill has join DR REBORN as brand ambassador since 2009, and SA is going to join in 2020. To celebrate their reunion, DR REBORN brings their positive power to our customers, and shared happiness through the Q3 branding campaign.

Campaign Objectives

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive engagement


  • Bid idea generation
    • Campaign Theme : 我們的黄金時代
    • Creative Idea : 
      • Bring out the core value of DR REBORN – Healthy, Beautiful & Happiness
      • Leverage TWINS hit song “下一站天后” to arouse resonance
      • +1 brand ambassador to drive engagement
  • Launch creative across customer journey: 
Stage 1

Teaser & Awareness

Create Awareness & Brand Building - introducing new ambassador & launch comprehensive ad to deliver brand message

Stage 2

Engagement & Consideration

Strengthen Brand Recall & Interaction - interact & engage with target audience via online beauty test, celebrities and treatment videos, and social media posts

Stage 3


Drive Traffic & Sales - celebrities and user sharing content to drive quality website and social page traffic while doing remarketing