Do You Know the Difference Between Google DV360 & GDN?

Programmatic Ads becoming one of the trendy ad formats in the market, some clients may ask a question: “What is the differences between Google DV360 and GDN?”, let’s find the answers below.

What is Programmatic Ads?

Programmatic ad is the use of computer programs to integrate big data and artificial intelligence (AI) for precise marketing and provide highly personalized ad to target audiences. We can purchase ad inventory through the demand-side platform (DSP) to replace the process of direct deal with multiple website and media one by one, so as to improve efficiency.

In addition, programmatic ad provides more diversified ad placements and ad formats to impress the targets effectively, such as full screen Mobile Interstitial Ads, Audio Ad, eye-catching Mobile Interscroller, customized Native Video Ads, Flipbook, and etc. Most of the DSPs can leverage first to third-party data to analyze users’ searching and purchasing behaviors, provide precise targeting options to reach unreachable audiences to effectively expand customer base.

DV360 vs GDN

Display & Video 360 vs Google Display Network

*Refers to company database, such as member data

How to select the appropriated solution?

GDN is a mature network that covered a large number of websites in the market. If you want to increase website/product exposure with Google, GDN can definitely meet your need; If you want to precisely reach specific audiences, or use innovative ad formats to grab more attention, we believe programmatic ads can better help you achive the goal! 

In addition to DV360, there are still many DSPs, such as Verizon DSP, Teads, The TradeDesk, and etc., each platforms may offer different ad formats and placements, want to learn more about different DSPs? Contact us now for a free consultation!