The Sunset of ETA: Responsive Search Ads Is Going To Take Its Place

The consumer search behavior changes constantly, according to Google, 15% of search queries every day have never been seen before. In order to keep pace with the constant changes of consumer behavior, Google considers Automation is the key of it. Responsive Search Ads (RSA) is the example that combines creativity and machine learning, studying the data shown, RSA generates +7% conversions than expanded text ads with the same assets.

What Is Responsive Search Ads (RSA)?

RSA can be flexibly adjusted to show more text and more relevant message to target audiences. As long as you enter multiple headlines and descriptions while creating a RSA, Google Ads will automatically test different combinations to learn the best-performing combinations over time. RSA will also amend ad content to more closely match potential customers’ search terms, thus to improve campaign’s performance.

Optimize Responsive Search Ads (RSA)

In order to boost campaign performance, advertiser can adopt RSA with broad match keywords and smart bidding. According to Google, using both broad match and smart bidding in a RSA campaign can generate average of +20% conversions. Notably, a business has tried RSA with smart bidding, it eventually triggered +156% conversions and shows its effectiveness.

As you can see, RSA can better cater the future trends. That’s why Google announced RSA will be the only search ads type that can be created or edited in standard search campaign, effective from June 30, 2022. It also means that Expanded Text Ads (ETA) will officially come to an end. Thus, we suggest you to start preparing for the change, such as implementing RSA step by step.

In case you are now placing search ads and haven’t started the best practice ‘2 Expanded Text Ads + 1 Responsive Search Ads’ yet, we suggest you to implement RSA in advanced to collect adequate data. You can ensure your search ads can still attain best effectiveness after the change is officially adopted.

2022 is around the corner, it is time for us to examine your projected search ads strategy and digital marketing plan. Contact our professional team anytime, let’s us assist you to adapt the new change and optimize the effectiveness of your search campaign.