Facebook Updates: Newly Launched 3 Ad Metrics

In order to increase the correlation and users experience between ad performance and reached audiences, Facebook announced to replace the “Relevance Score” metric with a new set of “Ad Relevance Diagnostics” lately. The aim of this update is to diagnose whether the ads you ran were relevant to your target audience and how to adjust your ad content to improve your ad performance effectively. Below are the 3 Metrics for the brand new Ad Relevance Diagnostics:

  1. Quality Ranking 
  2. Engagement Ranking
  3. Conversion Ranking

How to Implement the 3 Metrics?

Facebook analyzes the relevance of your ad and compare them to other ads targeting the same audiences according to 3 different aspects. Take “Quality Ranking” as an example, with the feedback from the audience and other assessments, Facebook will compare your creative assets (e.g. Ad design) with other ads to get the result of audience’s perception on the quality of your ad. Assuming that your Quality Ranking is below average, which means the quality of your ad is lower than that of your competitors, improvement may be needed.

Facebook Ad Metrics

How to Improve Your Advertisement Strategically?

For instance, if the Quality Ranking of your ad is lower than average, it means your ad performance may not meet the expectation, which incurring higher advertising cost. Hence, it is suggested to do adjustment according to the 3 new metrics. From the above example, when the Quality Ranking is below average, it is recommended to add more diverse design such as short videos and slideshows. This could make the ad more vivid with clear content while enhancing the ad quality, and thus improve the Quality Ranking.

Recommended solutions for other 2 metrics are shown as follows:

Facebook Ad Metrics Strategy

In order to achieve the best advertising results, it is advised to refer to the above 3 metrics to do precise adjustment on your ads in order to improve your rankings. However, since different ads have different goals and audiences, it may not be easy to work for all of them. Contact us to let our professional teams helping you to bring Facebook Ads into play!


Source: Facebook