Digitizing Your Print Circulars with Facebook Digital Circulars Ad Format!

Festive season in the second half-year is approaching. For physical stores, print circulars may sill an effective channel for promoting products and services near your store. However, there are downsides on print circulars:

  • Less Relevancy – Cannot reach target audiences precisely
  • Long Lead Time – Not suitable for ad hoc promotion
  • Nonmeasurable – Cannot track and analyze the effectiveness 

So, how about digitizing traditional print circulars? According to Nielsen, 45% of interviewers access product information from social media while 39% access via smart/mobile phone, showing us the potential of moving print circulars to online. 

Facebook Digital Circulars Ad Format, whitelisting feature exclusive offering by Meta Business Partner, is an effective and measurable digital alternative to print circulars, rendered in a collection ad format to provide instant experience, superior content and eventually uplift engagement and reach.


Higher Precision

Rather than reaching mass audiences, digital circular is more personalized and precise, offering detailed targeting and optimization options, allowing us to do comprehensive measurement with online and offline transactions tracking, so as to uplift omnichannel performance.


Better Creative & UX

Digital Circulars enable us to provide up-to-date information and innovative creative. Unlike the print circular, we can create timely and fruitful content with instant experiences to capture audiences' attention, such as animation and video.

Seamless Shopping Experiences

With this format, you have the ability to dynamically include products from your catalog and custom layout with product overlay, including sale price, percentage off and free shipping tag sync with your e-shop/brick-and-mortar stores.

Want to boost sales during the shopping season across the social network? Facebook Digital Circulars Ads support 3 campaign objectives from Reach, Conversions to Store Traffic, assisting you to uplift online to offline sales. As a badged Meta Business Partner, we can help you enhance your social performance through the latest features and tactics. Contact us to start your social journey now.

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