2019 Facebook Marketing Strategy: Impact-driven

Still believing the number of likes and shares on Facebook are the standards of success? To embrace the real success of Facebook Marketing in 2019, you need to look beyond the short-term effect, such as the number of likes and shares, and adopt the Impact-driven strategy that effectually helps you maintaining a cost-effective advertising budget while achieving your business goals sustainably.

What Does Impact-driven Mean?

Impact-driven is the strategy that not only focusing on the short-term engagement result, such as the number of likes and shares, but connecting the Facebook Ad Campaigns with your real business goals, such as increasing brand awareness, establishing emotional bonding with customers, increasing sales volume, etc. It means to establish an all-round marketing strategy that tie in your business goals with suitable advertising campaigns, so as to attain sustainable business growth, increasing the ROI or ROAS and achieving promotion efficiency in long run.

How to Implement Impact-driven Strategy?

To launch a Facebook Ad, there are 3 types of advertising objectives available, including Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. To implement Impact-driven strategy, companies should no longer simply pursue the objective of “Engagement” under “Consideration”, but macro-strategically develop those ads that truly achieve their business goals. Of course, we are not denying the value of “engagement-driven” ads, but suggest launching campaigns with different aims for a more holistic promotion strategy. For example, launch a video advertisement with the objective of “brand awareness” so as to reach the public and expand your customer base. A “Brand Lift Study” service will also be provided by Facebook with online survey or third-party data for you to have a better understanding on the campaign effectiveness and consumer behavior. You may also utilize the data and the insight provided for continual ad campaigns optimization. Besides, you can also launch ads with the objective of “conversion” so as to direct the audience to your online store and increase sales, making your advertising strategy a practical and accurate one.

Facebook ad objectives

Benefits of Impact-driven Strategy

By executing Impact-driven strategy, apart from achieving your business objectives precisely, it also helps you to reach more audience and expand your customer base healthily while avoiding repeated exposure to the same pool of customers that leads to high advertising cost.

When you select a particular advertising objective on Facebook, such as “Engagement” under “Consideration”, the system will help you reaching those customers who like and share posts frequently in order to cater your ad objective. Therefore, if you only choose “Engagement” as your objective regularly, you may fall into a situation of reaching the same pool of customers constantly. As time goes by, most of the audience in that particular pool has already been converted, leading to higher and higher ROI of the advertisement.

Therefore, when you adopt Impact-driven strategy to look beyond and launch campaigns with different objectives, you can grow your audience base sustainably and attain advertising efficiency in long-run.

However, to execute the Impact-driven strategy successfully, numerous technical considerations and expertise are needed. Such as selecting the suitable advertising objectives, launch period and sequence, how to tie in your business objectives, etc. New iMedia professional teams can tailor-make the most suitable advertising strategy for you. Please contact us to know more!