Google Analytics – Advertising Tracking, Easy Job!

Although Marketers knows the importance of online advertising to its business development, how can we analyze and track the advertising effectiveness and optimize the campaign after ad launched? Don’t just advertise by the seat of your pants, let’s utilize Google Analytics (GA) for effective promotion strategies.

What is Google Analytics (GA)?

Google Analytics is a website analytic tool. You can systematically classify data by collecting data from websites and convert it into statistical reports so that you can accurately understand the browsing patterns of visitors on your website. The followings are the commonly used data:

i) The traffic and performance of various devices and operation systems

  • Mobile devices (including Desktop, Tablet and Mobile phone)
  • Operation systems (e.g. iOS, Android, different model of mobile phones)
  • Website speed (the speed of different browsers, g. Chrome, I.E., Firefox)

ii) Visitors and sales performance analysis

  • Source and traffic of visitors
  • Duration of visitors on your website
  • How visitors interact with your website
  • Sales volume and number of goal achievements

The three MUST answer questions to Marketers  

1.Which channels are visitors used to enter into your website?
GA can count the number of visitors from different channels, which helps to understand the source of visitors and optimize the promotion strategy.

2.The browsing behavior of visitors on your website?
GA can count the browsing behavior of visitors on your website from user ID in real time, which includes the details of use of device, the channels to website, the page to stay and the page to bounce. Your website content can be fully optimized by analyzing the data.

3.Monitor the effectiveness of paid search ad?
GA can count what keywords are searched to drive the visitors to your website. At the same time GA can compare the keywords performance and the activities of visitors in your website. It is efficient for monitoring the ad performance.