Google Ad Campaign: Smart, Local and Discovery

Google is undoubtedly one of the most effective digital ad platforms, with the gradual improvement of machine learning, it really help us to launch and optimize digital ads in a more convenient and efficient way. Let’s talk about three Google’s relatively similar campaigns below:

  • Google Smart Campaign – This campaign type is launched for small businesses,  helping advertisers to attract audiences near stores or searching for their products/services. In addition to the simplified setting and managing process, ad requirements and restrictions are relatively fewer. Therefore, this type is suitable for small and medium enterprises that lack time management and low budget

  • Google Local Campaign – There is a certain requirement on the ad budget, but it supports video ad formats and is the only campaign type that can target “Maximize conversion value” bidding among the other three types. Which is suitable for companies with more resources, aim to increase store visits, and earn the highest conversion value (such as sales revenue or profit margin, etc.)

  • Google Discovery Campaign – Allow advertiser to precisely reach potential customers with “Custom Audiences” and “Similar Audiences” targeting etc, It is good for companies with their own e-store/ self-built customer relationship management system (CRM). It also supports “Remarketing“, helping companies to re-engage customers who “abandon the cart” to complete purchases or for brand recall 

Herewith the comparison table of these Google Ad Campaigns:

To make your ad successful, not only about choosing the best suit campaign type based on the type of business, target customers, and ad budget to blindly improving the visibility, you should also consider the timing, content, design, and more, to bring you the real valuable conversions (such as purchases and appointments).

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