Google Ads Make Advertising Easier

Google Ads Rebranding

Google AdWords have been launched over 18 years. The form of online advertising evolved from a simply keyword search Ads to a diversified Omni Channel for advertising, such as YouTube, Display Ads, Social Media, E-commerce, etc.

In response to the brand’s development, Google rebranded “Google AdWords” to “Google Ads”. Different Ads platforms, such as Google.com, YouTube, Google Map, Google Play, could be managed by a newly integrated user interface. This integration encourages advertisers to reach target customers in varied formats and channels, for example words, video and multi-media, so as to increase the chance of reaching potential customers.

Furthermore, Google considers the importance of data analysis for monitoring Ads. Google Marketing Platform is thus developed to combine Google Analytics and Double Click. Advertisers can manage, plan and analyse Ads on the new Platform easily.