Are You Ready to Moving Forward For Higher Precision?

Over the past decade, we are trying to better understand and predict customer behaviors with the use of technologies and AI, so as to target and message customers effectively, and the fast-changing ad policy and privacy issues are pushing us to rethink and develop new data strategies, hence bringing us more advanced digital solutions to drive higher precision

In order to measure customer behavior effectively, how to utilize first-party data is one of the hottest topics. Therefore, Google is encouraging us to install Enhanced Conversion – a feature to assist us in enhancing data accuracy for effective ad targeting and bidding optimization.

How does it work? We don’t have to modify lead forms or customer relations management (CRM) systems to receive a Google Click ID (GCLID), we are using captured lead information, such as email addresses, to measure conversions. When we recorded a user activity on our website, say fill in the lead form, the feature will use a secure one-way hashing algorithm called SHA256 (Data encryption) to sent out hashed information to Google directly for matching, hence more signals can be used to enhance ad targeting with higher precision

Customers Fill-in Lead Form

Upload Collected Information to Google

Higher Precision

Identify Customer With Hashed Information

Benefits of Google Enhanced Conversion

Data Accuracy

Precise conversions signals for machine learning and data analysis

Enhance Optimization

More detailed insights to enhance campaign performance (Incl. targeting and bidding)

Data Privacy

Hashing of first-party customer data with secure data transformation system

From now on, If you are our existing client and your conversion is installed by us, we are going to assist you with upgrading Google Enhance Conversion, so as to enjoy the above benefits. Don’t hesitate to contact your account manager for the details.

If you are looking for an experienced digital agency to enhance your campaign effectiveness, contact us! We are working with our trusted partners including Google, Meta and Yahoo, to assist our clients in overcoming future challenges in the fast-changing digital landscape! Stay in touch with our social platforms and blog for the latest news.