Google Search Ads: Understanding the 3 Keyword Match Types

Google has recently changed how they define Exact Match Keyword to now include “close variant”. But do you know the difference between Exact Match Keyword and the other keyword match types after the update? Should you change your keyword matching options? In the following, we will explain you the three main keyword match types – Broad Match, Phrase Match and Exact Match and how they work.

Here come the characteristics of the 3 Keyword Match Types:

Broad MatchPhrase MatchExact Match
Reach of AudienceWidestMore preciseThe most precise
To Trigger the AdRelevant variation of jeywords, including synonyms & misspellingsExact keyword (with additional words before or after)Same meaning
FeaturesGenerate possible keyword variation that you have never though of & attract more vistorsIncrease click-through rate (CTR)More focus & niche ad display

To make it crystal clear, we have prepared the following example for illustrating how they work.

  • Example Keyword: Women’s hatsx
  • Search Queries that would Trigger Ad:
Broad MatchPhrase MatchExact Match
Buy ladies hats
Trendy women clothing
Ladies hat sales
Blue women's hats
Buy women's hats
Women's hats trend
Women's hats
Hats women
Female hats

Riding on the information above, each keyword match type has its own edge, in which exact match provides a more focus & niche ad display while broad match can suggest the useful keywords that you have never thought of with the tremendous data available online. So, it is fundamental to utilize several keyword match types strategically for the best campaign result! Don’t want to go through the hassle of determining which match types to use for your keywords by yourself? Contact us to know how we can optimize your keyword match type so as to help you getting the most of your Google search campaigns.