We Joined Google’s “Legendary Camp”

New iMedia was invited to join “Google Partners Account Manager Legendary Camp “ for 2 days training. In the event, the experts of Google revealed the latest global market trend, introduced new products and explained the solutions for advertising optimization, letting us to prepare the best advertising solutions for customers.

Topics covered in the event:

  • The latest trend of greater china: Video channel become popular in greater china, the download rate of video apps increased 1000% compared to 2016. More enterprise starts using YouTube Channel to do brand promotion. The power of video is unneglectable.
  • The emerging of Middle East Market, the new blue ocean: According to the statistic, the penetration rate of internet in Middle East Market reached 90%. The estimate e-commerce revenue for the region in 2016 is $14,858 million, and it is expected to reach $10 billion by 2018.
  • “Go digital” transform traditional industry to new retail: Set up a website and use website analytic tools to understand customer’s behaviors and preference. Share the data with retailers to improve store setting and thus optimize customer’s shopping experience.

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