Google x New iMedia x Digioo Seminar has been successfully held

New iMedia and Digioo, in collaboration with Google, hosted a theme-based conference titled “Cookieless Generation: Google’s Innovative Cross-Channel Marketing” at Google’s Hong Kong office on May 30th. We were honored to invite Google’s Strategic Agency Manager and the CEO of New iMedia and Digioo to share their insights on the latest developments in the cookieless generation in 2024, as well as the benefits that AI brings to digital marketing. Meanwhile, we also provided strategic advice on topics such as first-party data collection, personalized customer service, and creative content creation.

New iMedia and Digioo CEO, Stella Cheung shared at the seminar: ‘In the cookieless era, more than 60% of companies hope to invest more resources in obtaining first-party data in the coming year. By integrating and controlling the highest-quality data, they can gain more insights for analysis and application, and implement more personalized marketing strategies for specific consumers.

Google Customer Solutions, Strategic Agency Manager – Roni Cheung also stated: ‘AI tools play a crucial role in Google Ads, as they can analyze data and identify patterns to provide more intelligent and effective ad management. They can accurately find the target audience, optimize ad content, and increase conversion rates, thereby achieving better ad performance.’

New iMedia Head of Creative – Aman Fung shared efficient creative advertising and content marketing strategies, including how brands can use creative videos and continuous short clips to reach more potential customers on social media, and how their creative content can increase interaction rates.

Additionally, New iMedia Chief Business Officer – Matthew Cheung also shared insights on how to better leverage marketing strategies, upper-funnel advertising, and AI marketing solutions to reach more potential customers and break through the competition.

New iMedia’s Performance & Operations Director, Christy Shum shared the latest advertising solutions and how to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) tools and omnichannel strategies to help brands precision-target potential customers at each stage of the marketing funnel, and optimize brand promotion and advertising through big data and AI.

New iMedia’s Performance & Operations Deputy Director, Sharon Lau shared our successful advertising case studies, introducing how to leverage a omnichannel strategy to help brands achieve a product visit growth rate of over 1.8X, a conversion rate of 2X, and a 4X reduction in conversion costs, effectively increasing conversion rates and revenue for businesses.

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