We Took Part In The Google Agency Partner Roundtable

As an experienced Premier Google Partner, New iMedia was invited to join the Google Agency Partner Roundtable at the 3rd of December. The roundtable provided a great opportunity for Google agency partners to gather and share their unique ideas on the coming digital marketing world.

Except for the ideas shared by the participants, the latest digital trends were also shared by Google to make the meeting fruitful. There are few points worthy to be noted from the roundtable:

  1. Four rising industries in 2022 – Export, Apps, Financial Technology and E-commerce are expected to grow in the digital aspect.
  2. Comprehensive Ad tracking is still vital – Ad tracking can help marketers analyse ad effectiveness and consumer online behaviour to optimize ad performance. Google ad tracking tools such as Global Site Tag (GTAG) and Google Tag Manager (GTM) are the top recommendations, it enables modelling AI for online conversions to prepare for the coming cookieless world in 2023.
  3. Every brand needs to review their digital marketing stage regularlyDigital Maturity Map is an effective tool to examine the level of digitalization of one brand. The map comprises of four stages from 0 to 3 (i.e. Nascent, Emerging, Connected, Multi-moment), reviewing self-performance with the map can help with strategy planning and measurement.
  4. Marketers shall change in budget planning – Google new product ‘Performance Max Campaign’ is able to apply across all Google marketing products. As this is a Performance base campaign type, marketers shall change from Channel-base to Goal-base in planning.

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