Google Omni-channel Smart Ad Solution – Performance Max Campaign

Market and consumer behavior are changing rapidly. To maximize the effectiveness of advertising, utilizing the power of data and machine learning to predict and reach consumers’ needs is important to New iMedia, as well as the leading marketing platforms like Google and Facebook. 

Foreseeing the future, “Automation” is undoubtedly one of the major trends. If you are advertising across the Google network, smart solutions/features such as Smart Bidding, Smart Creative and Dynamic Ads, etc are recommended to apply. Other than the above, the newly launched* Google campaign type, called “Performance Max Campaign” is worth recommending.

Turn Channel-based to Goal-based

Performance Max Campaign also leveraging the power of machine learning like other campaign types, but more simple – we create one campaign to deliver creative across all Google Ads inventory, including YouTube, Google Display Network (GDN), Search Ad Network, Discovery, Gmail and Map.

Performance Max Campaign is more focusing on performance, all we need is to set up one campaign objective (i.e. sales, leads, etc), after that, your campaign and performance for all channels will be automatically optimized by the powerful machine learning at once. 4 advantage bring by Performance Max Campaign: 

  • Drive more potential customers who are likely to converts

Performance Max Campaign allows us to boost ads across all Google inventory, so as to discover more potential customers while optimizing budget and cross-channel bidding to increase the number of conversions. According to Google, an account with Performance Max Campaign can drive 13% more conversion numbers on average. 

  • Right creative (text, image, video) in right time

Through the real-time analysis of customers’ intent, behavior and website context, related ads will be shown at the right time, driving shopping intentions with a seamless cross-channel experience. At the same time, it helps to discover and optimize the most effective touch points, so as to encourage more customers to take action.

  • Comprehensive analysis to utilize the budget

We can dive into the cross-channel performance of the same ad text, image, and video from the performance report, assisting us to understand customer behavior and plan/optimize creative mix.

  • Alternatives from Upper Funnel to Middle Funnel

For those who are considering exploring new customer groups but are hesitant about other solutions, goal-based “Performance Max Campaign” together with keyword-based “Search Campaign” maybe another Omni-channel strategy to increase exposure and drive action.

If your account is running Smart Shopping Campaign or Local Campaign, Google will upgrade them to Performance Max Campaign next year; if you can’t wait to try the latest Google ad format, contact us to set up your new campaigns with appropriate innovative creative. However machine learning takes time, we recommend you to adapt the new format after the year-end shopping season or create a new campaign while retaining the existing campaign.

* Performance Max Campaign rolled out to the global customers on 2 November 2021.


Google, 2021