New iMedia X Google Webinar: Exclusive hints for Beauty and Health industry

We’ve organized a webinar last Friday with Google specialists to share the Google ad strategies for Beauty & health industry. Other than the latest industry insights, we have also talked about the exclusive hints to help clients on improving SEM, Display and YouTube ad performances.

Do you know that? Beauty & health businesses who launched search plus YouTube ads can improved the campaign results, even reached:

  • No. of conversion ⬆70%-82%*
  • Cost per clicks (CPC) ⬇20% – 32%*

If you would like to hear the industry hints for digital, spend 2 mins to fill below form, we’ll inform you when we have similar events & related industry insights 📫 https://www.newimedia.com/en/webinar or contact us for a free consultation.

*Above data from iMedia clients’ performance