The Influence of Google’s Advertising Approval Policy Needed to Know: We Tackle it One by One

Google’s Advertising Approval Policy has launched ever since 2011, aim to create a safe cyber environment and to prevent malicious advertisers. With Google’s machine learning and their cyclical method, Google has spotted and banned 99M+ bad ads in 2020.

Several industries have been restricted under Google Ad Policy, especially for beauty, pharmaceuticals, and supplements. One of our clients from beauty industry has encountered following restrictions from Google, let’s check out how we joined hands to solve it!

1. Restricted Drug Terms/Medical Content

No Prescription drug terms in ad texts or landing page

Since it is inevitable to mention drug terms used in beauty treatment due to the business nature, we created a separate landing page to solve this problem. Also, it is a must to remove drug terms (e.g. Botox) on image name as it can be detected by Google. E.g.

2. Unreliable Claims

No unproven claims of cures, unrealistic result with specific time frame and little effort

To avoid determining as unrealistic claims with certain time frame, we split time frame and result into 2 sentences. We also removed words with time frame and put on T&C to prevent making it too specific. E.g.

  • Remove time frame: effective with one trial → safe and effective
  • T&C: effect varies from person to person

3. Personal Health Policy

No before-and-after image & negative self-perception, no zoom-in body parts

It has been challenging in this aspect, as focusing on skin is also prohibited in accordance to Google’s policy, let alone a certain body part. We solved this challenge with different presentation, such as

  • zooming out from a body part
  • zooming out with mirror’s reflection
  • adding more zoom-out frame with whole face

Above types of constraint are just the tip of the iceberg under Google’s ad policy. Despite stricter policies might constrict your creativity and ad performances, as a 13 years+ experienced digital marketing agency, our professional team is always striving to get over challenges with you. Contact us to know more how we tackle those restrictions!