Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (BUD)

Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (BUD) provides up to HK$4,000,000 funding support for non-listed Hong Kong enterprises and executed by the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC). This programs targeted to help enterprises develop their business in branding, upgrading & restructuring and promoting sales on Mainland China Market and/or Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) economies –  the 10 ASEAN member states (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam), Australia, Chile, the 4 European Free Trade Association member states (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland), Georgia, Macao and New Zealand.

Promoting Sales

Advertisement, attend Exhibitions / Promotional events, develop sales channel, etc.


Enhance website, develop your brand image, registrar for patent/trademark, etc.

Upgrading & Restructuring

Automation, licence fees of new technologies, develop new products, etc.

Each eligible enterprise can submit BUD Fund applications for a maximum of 40 projects and HK$1,000,000 funding per each (accumulating HK$4,000,000 in total), including up to 50%of the total project expenditure for advertisement, helping enterprises to boost promotion and reach more potential buyers.

Mainland Program

If you are planned to explore China market, we could provide all-round advertising solutions with our China partners, helping you to reach around 900 million active Internet users, such as:

  • Baidu Ads – The world’s largest Chinese search engine
  • Sina Weibo (Weibo) Ads – The largest social platform in the Chinese community
  • QS360 Ads – Cover search engine, ad network and app 
  • Tencent Ads – Ad network incl. video, news, Wechat, etc
  • Others – incl. popular media like Xiaohongshu (小紅書), Douyin (抖音), Koudai (口袋香港) and Dianping (大眾點評)

FTA Program

Want to open up overseas markets recognized by the BUD Fund? We will provide you with a full range of ad solutions with popular ad platforms to accurately reach your target customers, such as:

  • Search Engine Marketing(SEM) – Google, Bing, Yahoo Search Engine
  • Social Media & Content Marketing – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn 
  • Display Ads – Google, Bing, Yahoo Display Networks and 100+ media
  • Programmatic Ads – Google DV360, Verizon Media DSP, Teads, etc
  • Others – incl. creative ad design, video filming & production and website optimization etc

Scope of the BUD Fund

Scope of Funding (Summary)

BUD Fund
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Application and Grant Disbursement Process

Application Tips

  • Each BUD Fund application can only apply for one target market (Mainland/FTA Programme)
  • Project can commence as soon as the day after the application submission date; In case of rejected application, applicant has to bear all costs of the commenced project
  • Applicants may opt to receive “initial payment”
    • Initial payment: 75% of total approved funding
    • Mid-term payment: ≤50% of total approved funding (if applications opting not to receive initial payment but project duration exceeds 18 months)
  • Final payment will only be made after the final report and audited accounts are accepted by the Government
  • In case of insufficient information, the application would be considered withdraw if the requested documentary is not provided within 14 days; The applicant however may submit a new application once all the necessary documents and/or requested information are available
  • Generally, overseas advertisement (i.e. attend the trade fair) or patent registration will not be funded unless the enterprises could proof the importance and necessary of these program and business development
  • If the mainland or FTA economic unit is a joint venture with another company, the applicant company/major shareholders must account for >50% of the total equities

Other important notice: https://mainland.bud.hkpc.org/sites/default/files/download/Notes-to-the-applicant.pdf

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