GS1 HK x KPMG – 《Digital Retail on the Rise》Report

GS1 Digital Retail on the Rise

Recently, GS1 HK and KPMG have conducted a digital retail market research, including future market focus, consumer research habits and marketing strategies, etc. The following are the key contents of the report:


1.Top 3 Business Development in the Next 2 Years: Data, Creativity, and Online Campaigns

➡ The key points of future business development are “data-driven” (37%), “develop and apply innovative technologies” (34%) and “launch online campaigns to engage customers” (32%). To integrate data, creativity and appropriate online advertising tools and strategies, we can create an effective promotion plan with highest accuracy!

In addition, trendy social media platforms, including Facebook and IG have been ranked as well (26%)!


2. Main Information Channels for Consumers: Searching and Browsing Online

➡ Google Search has become a part of our daily life, it is undoubtedly one of the top three consumers’ research habits (52%) which advertisers must not overlook! With our exclusive self-built Keyword Knowledge Base ^, “precise data” can effectively enhance your search ad exposures and maximize cost efficiency!


【Fun Share】Latest research indicated that only 13% of consumers are collecting product information from KOLs / spokespersons, reflecting that the hard-sell posts from KOL’s have become less attractive. Therefore, to make good use of KOL marketing, it is important to seek for professional advices on selecting the most appropriate KOL and integrating with eye-catching creative idea to maximize campaign effectiveness!


3. Digital Technology Focus in the Next 2 Years: Top Priorities -Data Analytics (23%)

➡”Data analytics” can helps us to explore market opportunities, it will be highly valued in the upcoming years and even more important than “Artificial Intelligence (AI)”! However, the report also shows that nearly half of the companies (44%) have collected data but did not analyze it. You should start to leverages data to grab the potential opportunities!


4. Best Promotion Strategies to Gen Z: Convenient Browsing and Shopping Experience (50%)

➡Gen Z (18-24 years old) with increasing purchasing power has gradually become an important group of target audience. To offer personalization and convenience online shopping experience can definitely engage Gen Z to make purchases!


【Fun Share】In addition to the shopping experiences, Gen Z also values corporate social responsibility and sustainable development (28%). Young brands can try to adapt related elements into your promotional strategies!


To sum up, “Precise Data + Creativity + Appropriate Digital Marketing Strategy” can really help in generating an effective promotion plan while precise ad strategies can further elevate it to the next level! Let’s talk to Chatbot immediately, our professional team will tailor your one-stop digital marketing solution with New iMedia’s exclusive data and analysis , helping you to improve ad performance and outperform your competitors!


^ About New iMedia Keyword Knowledge Base:


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