2018 Trends: 98% online users access internet via mobile

According to the Advertising Spending Projections 2018 conducted by HK2A, the total advertising spending in 2017 was HK$41.9 billion, which is 4% more than in 2016. Moreover, 55% of the total advertising spending was spent on online advertising while 45% of the spending was on traditional advertising. Surveyed advertisers plan to increase the online advertising budget to 59% in 2018, a strong online advertising trend is expected to continue. In addition, we found 3 important advertising trends:

Go Mobile is the trend

The survey shows that 98% of online users will access internet via mobile phone, and 44% and 45% of users will use mobile phone to watch TV and news respectively. More important, advertisers believe mobile will become the most effective online channel for marketing in next 3 years. It reveals that mobile is going to be the mainstream.

Mobile trend 2018

“Content Marketing” is the first choice

61% of surveyed advertisers believe “Content Marketing” will be the most popular marketing strategy in 2018. Advertisers tend to adapt the soft-sell advertising in future by creating valuable content to attract audience to read and make purchase.

Comprehensive analytic tools

With the media landscape becoming more diversified, 41% advertisers foresee that the coming challenge is to understand customers’ interactions across different media channels. In future, advertisers need advanced analytic tools to monitor the Ad performance in different media channel, thus they can allocate the resources to the right channels to maximize return on investment.

Trend of online adaption 2018
Market Challenges 2018