HK2A《Advertising Spending Projections 2019》

To keep abreast of the market trend, it is the sixth year of New iMedia being the sponsor of “HK2A AdSpend Projections 2019”, which is co-organized by The Hong Kong Advertisers Association (HK2A) and Nielsen. Let’s look into the key points of the report.

1. Online Ad Spend is Predicted to Increase Continuously

Although much attention has been paid to the state of the economy, advertisers still see advertising investment as an important tool to maintain and defend the market share. In this year, online advertising spending is expected to continue to rise with 64% of respondents said their company will spend more money on online advertising this year.

2. 2019 Most Popular Online Ad Format Forecast

When talking about the hottest online advertising format, everyone may think of social media advertising and video advertising. However, display advertising and search advertising must be indispensable for maintaining market share and keeping brand exposure.

3.First Choice for Branding: Social Media & Video Ad

Still believing outdoor advertising and TV promotion are the main brand building channels? With the increasing popularity of social platforms and mobile phones, marketers are more favorable to social media ad and video ad which are more cost-effective.

4. Most Promising Online Marketing Channels

As more and more people are using smartphone, watching videos online and looping Facebook and Instagram have also become our daily routine, so the effectiveness of mobile marketing, online video, and social media ad are expected to be the most promising online marketing channels in the next three years.

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(Source: Advertising Spending Projections 2019)