【iMedia Insider】Exclusive Search Marketing Strategy for Fall/ Winter Peak Season

Holiday Season SEM

Fall and winter, the seasons with numerous festivals and holidays, is approaching soon. According to Admango, the digital ad spend last year in Fall/ Winter (Sept-Dec) has accounted for 36.3% of the whole year, proving that it is the essential period for the advertisers. So, how can we outperform our competitors among the intense competition? Combining “creativity” and “exclusive data” for precise and effective digital marketing strategy can be the answer.

To provide deeper insight, we have selected three popular industries – Beauty, Travel and Food & Beverage (F&B), and retrieved their ad performances last year during Sept-Dec from our exclusive database – Keyword Knowledge Base, helping you to find out the better digital solution for the upcoming holiday season.

Holiday Season Ad Spend

From Admango data, we found that the total ad spend in Beauty, Travel and F&B industries during 2018 Sept-Dec accounted for 35.4% of the whole year. According to iMedia Insider, the number of exposures in Beauty industry reached its peak in Sept-Oct; while Travel and F&B industry recorded the most exposures from Oct-Nov and Nov-Dec respectively. Here comes with the detailed analysis:

Beauty Industry: End of the year is the party time, which triggers high demand for beauty products and services. In this period, our exclusive iMedia Insider data shows the highest number of exposures is recorded in Sept-Oct. We estimate that as beauty and slimming treatments take time, consumers need to start searching in advance for better preparation. As a result, Beauty-related advertisers can allocate more budgets in Sept-Oct.

Travel Industry: According to Think with Google, outbound travelers start searching about the information for vocation planning two months in advance, which is align with the finding from our exclusive iMedia Insider data – travel-related ads recorded the highest number of exposures during Oct-Nov. Since the peak season for traveling is from Dec to Jan due to the prominent holidays in the period (such as Christmas and New Year’s Day), we believe that consumers are collecting information sooner in Oct-Nov for planning ahead for their holiday. Therefore, related advertisers can focus their promotion plan in Oct-Nov.

F&B Industry:The iMedia Insider data shows the highest exposure of F&B related ad was found in Nov-Dec. We believe that it was because numerous of holidays and parties are coming soon, such as Christmas party, Year-end party, the New Year’s party, also the Lunar New Year party. Therefore, consumers start searching for banquets and party foods in Nov-Dec to place order. Thus, advertisers can divide most of the budgets in Nov-Dec.

In addition of placing ad at the right time, a comprehensive and effective keyword combination is also an indispensable part of improving ad efficiency. Here are top searched keywords for the three popular industries:

Holiday Season SEM Keyword

Have you planned ahead your promotion plan to grasp the upcoming shopping boom and the raising demand? Try to reach target audiences by precise data to enhance ad performance. Our Keyword Knowledge Base can be your strong backup, contact our professional team for your tailor-made one-stop digital solution!


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