House 730


House730 is an all-round property search platform in Hong Kong, listing 60K+ small to larger properties selling and renting by agents and owners. Users can get massive information daily from the platform, such as property transaction, news, housing knowledge and best pricing property, etc, so as to help users to find out their ideal property or residence easily.

House730 has been constantly focusing on innovation, launched the first “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Deco” in Hong Kong to simulate the decoration effect by Virtual Reality (VR) – provide instant preview on different housing decoration styles, including Japanese, Nordic, simple, modern or Chinese. It provides interior design concepts and allows users to search for the property anytime and anywhere, together with handling home furnishings easily and innovatively!


  • Enhance Brand Awareness
  • Boost Website Traffic and App Download
  • Minimize the Promotional Cost

Target Audiences:

  • 25 – 65 years old
  • Median to upper-income group
  • Married & engaged  people
  • People who planned to move


With our strategic ad planning by phases & precise data analysis, we have enhanced the brand awareness and app installation for House 730 by data-driven advertising solutions & smart ad tools.

  • Stage 1: Enhanced brand awareness through Google Display Ad – launched ad via 350+ major sites and apps, such as HK01 and Apple Daily while applied “Life Event Targeting” to reach target audiences precisely, such as people who are planned to get married, so as to brought exposures effectively
  • Stage 2: Based on the data collected in stage 1, provided professional advice on creative idea and ad planning – used major housing estates as gimmick and leveraged with the stored audience list & information (i.e. surfing record) for remarketing. Besides, we have also launched Dynamic Remarketing Adsshowing relevant ad based on the properties that the previous website visitors have viewed, successfully encouraged previous visitors to visit the website again and complete the transaction
  • Stage 3: Launched the Universal App Campaign (UAC) for all-round promotion, promote the brand across various Google Properties (incl. Google Display Network, Play Store & YouTube, etc) so as to drove instant app download. Together with the in-App interactive function and instant message features, House 730 provided a convenient trading platform to effectively drove in-app conversion


  • Click-through Rate (CTR) increased by 780%
  • Impression increase by 460%
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) decreased by 61.6%
  • Alexa Rank (Website ranking calculated by global traffic & Engagement) raised to 123,565 from 209,220 (as of May, 2020)

"New iMedia works with client to develop the most flexible & expandable ads on the market.
What we saw was a significant increase in click-through rates and impressions."

House 730