Hung Fook Tong

Hung Fook Tong was founded in 1986 in Hong Kong, it is a modern company aiming to promote healthy eating style. Hong Fook Tong is one of the leading retailers of Chinese herbal products in Hong Kong, having over 110 retail shops and providing all-rounded healthy products throughout these 30+ years. In order to innovate and lead the industry trend, Hong Fook Tong keeps on developing quality products and expanding e-commerce business, as well as improving client experience with up-to-date technology in these years.

Campaign Objectives

  • Quickly increase the awareness for newly launched product
  • Drive online purchase & store traffic


  • Conversion rate ↑285%
  • Clicks ↑61%
  • Cost-per-clicks (CPC) ↓26%

Strategy – Cross-channel marketing

Phase 1: Pull Strategic

Increase awareness and exposure by Display Ad – Hong Fook Tong can approach young mothers and people with health-concern (such as people with the interest of gym, cooking & baby care products) via Google Ads’ Audience Targeting. When they are surfing on Google Display Network, display ad will be shown to help increase brand awareness.

Phase 2: Boost E-shop Traffic & Conversion

Boost e-shop traffic & conversion by Search Ad – Customer may not only focus on certain brand while searching for a product, Google Search Ad can show Hung Fook Tong’s related products when these customers are searching for general products. Thus, Hung Fook Tong can gain more exposures and draw more website traffic.

Phase 3: Focus on enhancing conversion with cost-effectiveness

Reduce CPC by Google Shopping Ad – Google Shopping Ad is considered to be more attractive than general word advertising, as Google Shopping Ad displays detailed information of a product, including price, picture & related seller. Moreover, consumers already acknowledge the appearance & price of a product through shopping ad, they can examine whether this product is suitable before clicking the advertising. Thus the conversion rate of Google Shopping Ad is usually higher.

Google Ads can make all kinds of marketing projects spotting target audience precisely and effectively, as well as tracking advertising performance and executing adjustment. Thus, advertising can achieve better cost-efficiency. Moreover, Google Ads provide numerous forms of advertising and positioning, it enables us to employ advertising flexibly and finally increase brand attractiveness.