Social Media Alterations: IG Snapshot 2022

During the pandemic, consumers have had to rely on digital and social media platforms to communicate and retrieve the latest news now than they ever have. For advertisers, social media advertising is much more important than before. According to our internal data, we have some useful insights to assist you in planning the next social campaign, so as to enlarge your ad reach via Instagram

Facts You Have To Know

  • 1 Billion+ users over the world are using Instagram (Reels Festival Hong Kong by Meta, 2022)
  • Reels launched in 2020 and 1 in 2 people have engaged with Reels (Reels Festival Hong Kong by Meta, 2022)
  • 500 million+ users view stories actively every day (TNC, 2022)

Proportion of Ad Reach 2022

  • From the latest data, Jan – May 2022, Facebook recorded the largest proportion in ad reach (43%) while Instagram comes in second (41%)
  • Compare with last year Jan – May, Instagram recorded the highest YoY growth in reach, there are 46% increments from 28% to 41%
  • Deep dive into ad formats, we noted an increase in verticals video. Ad reach of Stories and Reel grew by 42% (vs Jan – May, 2021, YoY)

Insights & Recommendations

  • In the first half year, Facebook is still the most popular platform in reach for advertisers while we see strong growth on Instagram. If you are not started with Instagram Advertising or even Facebook Advertising, is time to try. We can assist you in kick-off the first reach campaign to enlarge your audience base
  • To cater the mobile-first world, vertical creative is the key – that’s why Meta developed “Stories” and the newly launched “Reel”. A visualized creative with sound effects and movement, together with the vertical design can definitely uplift your campaign performance. We believe vertical video will be the next hottest creative format in social
Ad Reach in Meta Product 2022_New iMedia
Vertical Video_Stories_Reels_2022_New iMedia

Creative Best Practices

In social, we have to say, the social ads can ensure your ad can precisely reach target audiences, but creative is the key to delivering your promotional message and turning audiences into customers. We have the following suggestion on the Stories and Reel creative: 

  • The size of creatives should be 1080w x 1920h pixels with an aspect ratio of 9:16
  • 80%+ Reels are viewed sound on (Reels Festival Hong Kong by Meta, 2022), highly recommended to include sound effects in your ads
  • Although the sound is important, a subtitle is still a must – in case your audience has turned off the sound effect when they staying in a public area. Make sure they got your message without voice-over (VO)
  • Put the key message in the first 15 seconds to engage audiences keep watching

Wanna reach more potential customers across the social network but are not familiar with creative design/ad planning? Contact us for a free consultation. New iMedia is badged Meta Business Partner, recognized as familiar in Meta product knowledge and ability to provide professional ad services. We are able to assist you in selecting the best suit platform and strategy for you, in order to uplift your business.